Consulteck Limited

IT and Electronic security specialist

What we can offer 

Access Control

Access Control enables your organisation to provide credentials, identification and permit to authorised Personnel to access your facility.

Video Systems

Video Surveillance systems enables for the recording and live viewing of video throughout your facility. A wide variety of Cameras, Recording Solutions, Storage, and Networks can be used to create the ideal solution.

Perimeter Detection

Perimeter Detection systems are ideal for protecting areas surrounding your facilities. Perimeter Detection offerings include Perimeter Intrusion Defense Systems (PIDs) that can give the first order of protection for your premises, assets, and people.

Tactical and Covert Solutions

Consulteck Limited offers consultancy services for the selection of tactical communications systems and a wide variety of tactical surveillance video and Audio solutions.

Solution Design

Consulteck Limited can support you from start to finish when it comes to assessing, designing and implementing your security requirements.

Acquisition and Merge Analysis Services

Business acquisition is the practice of purchasing one corporation by another to build on strengths or limitations of the acquiring company, through either the purchase of its shares, or the purchase of its assets.